Going for adds/spins on “She Thinks I Still Care” – Brad Davis

It’s become apparent that Bluegrass radio programmers have embraced the new ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ by GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis. The new album has been riding in the Top 40 of Airplay Direct’s Radio Download Charts for December and January since it’s release with over 1,000 downloads by radio programmers.  Continue reading

A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones by Brad Davis – RELEASED!

December 10th, 2013 was the official release of ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ by GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis. The project became available in both digital and CD formats.

The entire project, containing 11 songs, was released to radio on December 1st via AirplayDirect.com and since its release has been one of the top albums downloaded by radio programmers for the month of December. ‘White Lightning’ is the first single release from the album.

Take a listen to some song previews through iTunes: ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ by Brad Davis

CD Just Released! – Brad Davis ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’

The much anticipated release of Brad Davis new project  ’A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ is finally here. The CD was made available just a few days before the nationwide digital release happens on Tuesday Dec 10th. The CD is being offered at a special release price of $9.99.

A full preview of the new album has been made available! Take a listen! Help us spread the word about this great project celebrating a music icon, and share it with your friends via your social media! (Sharing buttons available below)

Coffee Fool Sponsors Brad Davis – ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’

BlueGrass Valley Records is proud to have Coffee Fool as a sponsor for the new Brad Davis release, ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’. In particular, the brew that will represent this new project is Flatpicker’s Fuel. By Brad’s own admission, this was as much a part of recording his new record as guitars, banjos and mandolins as he drank a ton of it during the process. One gets the impression after listening to songs like “White Lightning” and the speed of the pickin’ that Brad must’ve have had a little help from somewhere!

Sponsors are such an integral part of supporting and keeping great music coming in this day and time. We encourage any coffee lover and bluegrass lover to make a purchase with Coffee Fool and support them for supporting GREAT Bluegrass Music! Click on the CoffeeFool.com logo to purchase Flatpicker’s Fuel … who knows, it might speed up your finger pickin’ ;)


‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ by Brad Davis Released To Radio

The new project by GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis, ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’, released to radio today, Dec 1st, 2013. Radio programmers can now access the entire album via the popular radio distribution outlet, AirplayDirect.com. The first single chosen from the project that the label is going for spins/adds on is “White Lightning”.


If you’re not a subscriber to AirplayDirect.com email John Mathis for other download links for ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ by Brad Davis. jmathis@bluegrassvalleyrecords.com 

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